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I feel like I should emit more syllables here, so I am going to do just that! I can emit syllables nearly all day long, but I must pause to eat and to sleep, which constrains my duty cycle somewhat.

Oops, I just did that thing where I hit ^w twice and killed this tab and an unknown innocent bystander. [personal profile] premchaia_pre4 told me to get in the habit of using M-backspace and I keep forgetting because it feels slightly more awkward and I just go back to using ^w.

So lately I am very interested in ink wash painting--Aha! Caught you this time! The tab survives--and got a bunch of sumi-e supplies. This all started when I got a Kuretake brush pen via Artsnacks. Now more brushes, ink sticks, and inkstones are arriving. I am gradually sucking less at using this. In fact I am coming to prefer this medium over pencils and markers for many applications.

Pencils are still useful when it is important to ensure an accurate shape before inking, but if I'm just screwing around or having fun--almost did it again!--or want to reduce my reliance on the eraser, nuts to it, dip the brush and make a mess.

The brush pen (I ordered three more from Jetpens) is still good for mobile use though. Conventions, for example. I can't just go shoving an inkstone and a set of brushes in my backpack. Well, I can, but I dislike broken inkstones and frayed brushes. Call me picky.

I attended Rainfurrest this year, and I had to bring along something to put down ink with; incidentally, despite working overnight security, I still filled half a sketchbook, mostly with the Kuretake, though I dare not make any claims about the quality of what occupies those pages. Okay, half of it's awful. That's a claim. I lied.

As Seatac is effectively a vegan food desert for anyone on a night shift schedule, I had to do some convoluted things foodwise. Strategy abridged: A profound profusion of frozen mung bean pancakes, cooked just prior to the convention and supplemented with tortillas, energy bar things, water, and Gatorade. There was no good place for me to put kimchi and I found I did not have time to make tea. I will be more careful next year and make arrangements for these things.

You see all the neat fursuits when you're stationed in the elevator. I say 'the' because one of them was broken for the entire convention. Word is some morons overloaded it and started jumping, thereby snapping the counterweight cable, but I cannot confirm this.

As the elevators in that building are hydraulic, I don't think there was any serious risk to the occupants, should this story be true, besides that they were guaranteed to take up to twice as long to get to the third floor for the remainder of the convention. Please don't break the hotel. It's rude, and we're using that!

I probably shouldn't say too much about what happened Saturday night. (No, I didn't do it.)

Also, I got to meet lots of neat people. I had not previously encountered [personal profile] premchaia_pre4 in close geographical proximity and was very pleased to meet her. Many of the Seattleites I met at last year's Glowtide party were also there, and on one of my patrols I also spotted [personal profile] baphijmm, who introduced me to Room Party (and the indispensible furry expansion pack. Apparently the game is partially based on the events of RF 2010.) And by introduced I mean played with some people while I sat nearby and drew things because I'm usually too boring to play games with other people.
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